What comes to your mind when you think about winter? Sweater, boots, shawls… there are so many winter outfits to be worn. All of these are either accessories or can be worn in daily wear ensembles. We all have heard of transforming western wear into winter wear. But is there any way to make ethnic wear appropriate for winter? Of course! So, let’s discuss women’s ethnic wear, trends, and winter wear.

The season of weddings, celebrations, and feasts will soon commence as winter has arrived. It has the most effect on fashion as soon as winter arrives, particularly in North India where the winters are harsh. In order to avoid feeling chilly, this season's clothing should also make us look good.

What to wear that combines elements of fashion and winter? Often designed for the summer or the rainy season, fashionable clothing is useless in the winter. Below are some ways that can make your stylish clothing suitable for winter.

1. Velvet Sarees

Velvet clothing is also a great choice for winter styling. For a winter party, you can wear velvet shawls, blouses, T-shirts, and other items. However, velvet sarees are by far the greatest option for ladies, especially when it comes to winter fashion. They are not only stylish and cozy to wear, but they also look stunning at nighttime weddings. These days, velvet sarees with wide borders are fashionable.

2. Woolen Blouses

Blouses made of wool might be a great choice for winter attire. It goes well with every kind of saree that you wear. But bear in mind that not every saree will go with it. You ought to pick a wool blouse with this in mind. Indian traditional attire comes in a variety of forms, and each style has its own themes and styling techniques. However, there won't be any competition for such outfits if they fit well.

3. Ethnic Elegant Jackets

Jackets look great on every winter fashion woman, whether she is wearing a saree, salwar suit, jeans, or any other type of clothing. It is still a staple of fashion, not only something to wear in the winter. Long, ethnic, and embroidered jackets are ideal if you want to show off your fashionable attire and are intending to wear anything sleeveless. It won't cover your clothing; it will just shield you from the cold.

4. Collar Neck Suits with Full Sleeves

Fashion suits with full sleeves are stylish, but a collared suit goes well with them every time. Ethnic salwar suits with long sleeves and embroidered collars are ideal if you want to show off your sense of style and want to wear something unique this winter.

5. Heavy Dupattas and Shawls

How come there is no mention of shawls while discussing wintertime? When we hear the word winter, the first thing that springs to mind is shawls. Wearable across the shoulders, upper torso, arms, and occasionally the head, a shawl is a basic cashmere garment. Usually, this is a square or rectangular piece of fabric. These days, women pin it with their sarees to knot it. Also, you can wear it on ghararas, lehengas, and suits.

6. Anarkali Or Gowns

Lehengas and Anarkali dress are well-known and popular winter wardrobe staples for ladies. Indian ladies wear traditional and distinctive Anarkali outfits on special occasions. Indian apparel comes in a variety of traditional garment styles, with the Anarkali dress being one of the most well-liked salwar kameez outfit styles. Not only is the Anarkali a fashion icon, but it is still a popular option for winter attire.

7. Pick Heavy Embroidered Fabrics

Salwar suits, gowns, and other Indian wear with embroidery are constantly stylish and in style. When searching for an ethnic suit, it is crucial to take all of these things into account. Fit, pattern, color, and design are all extremely significant. Every event calls for a particular party costume style. Wearing these clothes is customary for religious ceremonies and weddings. In terms of women's winter fashion, embroidered clothing is ideal for every occasion.

8. Final Thoughts

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