Have you ever had the experience of having clothing in your wardrobe but being unsure of whether it is appropriate for the event? With the right styling techniques, it is possible to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of any appearance. For instance, you might have a marvellous Banarasi saree in your wardrobe but not feel particularly inspired to wear it. What do you do under these circumstances? You can’t possibly skip the event or change into a backup dress without anyone knowing.

So, if you find yourself in the same situation, grab your phone and search for ideas. Social media is rife with images and videos of well-known celebrities and personalities, not to mention their stunningly dressed appearances. Your beloved Banarasi saree in your closet is always fashionable and new. Why not try styling it like a favourite celebrity and possibly feel like one too?

The Banarasi saree that has been in your wardrobe for a while needs some styling assistance. If so, this blog will serve as your how-to manual for styling your exquisite Banarasi saree like a celeb.

Banarasi sarees are famous for their eye-catching hues, plush fabrics, and magnificent appearance, and they have a mystical ability to catch everyone’s attention. These sarees are handmade in the sacred city of Banaras by talented craftspeople. They put their hearts into creating these sarees, which explains why every woman looks breathtakingly gorgeous when wearing a Pure Banarasi Saree.

For styling inspiration, check out all the stunning Banarasi looks worn by your favourite celebs!

Dress Like Deepika Padukone in A Green Banarasi Saree.

When a Pure Banarasi saree is green, it appears 10 times more beautiful. There are many unique ways to wear a green saree, but we just had to show off how amazing Deepika Padukone looked in it! Deepika looked stunning in a green banarasi saree that seamlessly combined modern and traditional design. Choose a blouse with bell sleeves if you want to produce a similar style.

Dress Like Shilpa Shetty in A Black Banarasi Saree.

The colour of strength and style is unquestionably Black! Don’t search elsewhere if you also own a stunning black saree; adopt Shila Shetty’s appearance. A sleeveless blouse in a contrasting tone, such as maroon or olive green, is a good idea. On a cut-sleeve blouse, a long, complementary jhumka and some bangles can be all you need to make your outfit stand out.

Makeup should be kept minimum, and your hair should be wrapped back in a braid. When appropriately worn with a Banarasi saree, a braided bun works wonders. A bindi in a contrasting shade will round off your ensemble and ensure you stand out among the crowd.

Dress Like Anushka Sharma in A Red Banarasi Saree.

Don’t you think celebrities adore crimson Banarasi sarees? Anushka Sharma also made a splash at her wedding celebration with her gorgeous red bridal Banarasi saree and elaborate jewellery. But imagine if you could get the same style? Keep your blouse and drape as basic as possible to dress in a Banarasi saree like Anushka! Make sure to dress in hefty, slightly long kundan Jewellery.

Set your sights on a centre part for your dressed-up hairdo and sleek bare makeup. To up the glitz of your outfit, consider adding a red bindi. As your pallu falls, make sure it echoes the complex saree border. Finally, handle everything gracefully and get set to be the focus of attention!

Dress Like Rakul Preet Singh in A Blue Banarasi Saree.

Style your blue silky banarasi saree exactly like Rakul Preet Singh did if you want to be completely traditional! She displayed heavy temple jewellery and her banarasi saree, which she wore like a typical pleated drape. She chose a contrasting pink top that miraculously accentuated the attractiveness of the saree.

Make an impression that is worth a glance by attempting to coordinate the overall outfit. Choose a braided bun with a centre part, and finish it off with a maang tikka from your collection of jewellery. This outfit will match perfectly with a delicate pink tone of makeup. Get yourself to give this look solid justice and draw attention to yourself!

Dress Like Nita Ambani in A Blue Banarasi Saree

Nita Ambani wore a royal blue Banarasi silk saree having delicate flower designs that were expertly woven in gold zari for the NMACC’s recent opening was a beautiful tribute to Indian tradition and culture. It is a recognition of the extensive and varied culture that India possesses. Nita Ambani chose an elegant necklace encrusted with gold and emeralds and matched a pair of extravagant earrings to go with her outfit.

Bollywood’s Devotion to Banarasi Sarees

Bollywood & Banarasi sarees have a passionate and enduring relationship. Bollywood has greatly influenced the fashion industry, and this is also true of Banarasi sarees. Since the beginning of Indian cinema, Banarasi sarees have played a significant role in Bollywood fashion. Actresses in their films, including Hema Malini, Rekha, or Jaya Bachchan, frequently wear Banarasi sarees. These sarees accentuate the actress’s beauty and give the character a touch of glitz.

In addition to reviving the appeal of this ancient garment, the Bollywood industry’s enthusiasm for Banarasi sarees has helped to support the livelihoods of weavers & artisans, safeguarding a rich cultural tradition for future generations.

With The Alluring Banarasi Saree, Enter the World of Elegance!

Banarasi Silk Sarees are a fantastic option for women who favours comfort over hefty sarees because they are light and straightforward to drape. These sarees have a distinctive touch and feel because they are made from Silk fabric. Banarasi sarees have gained popularity among brides in recent years. Pure Banarasi sarees are a popular choice among brides since they are seen as an expression of tradition and elegance on the wedding day. When wearing the sarees, the bride looks like a queen on their special occasion, which is frequently accessorised with elaborate jewellery and makeup.

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