Which fabric comes to mind when you think of making a nice flare dress? It is Georgette! Georgette material is thin, translucent and lightweight with crinkles that have the effect of bouncing. Georgette is a robust, absorbent fabric that is simple to dye and has a harsh, dull texture. But do you know that not all georgettes are of the same type? The weaving pattern is different for all sorts of georgette – some are twisted in an S pattern while some have Z shape threads. It is why when you compare two georgettes, you will feel the difference in their appearance. However, it is crucial to note that there also exists pure and fake georgette. Yes, that is true! Pure georgette is constructed of silk strands, while the fake one is either a product of rayon or polyester.

The wrinkled surface that a georgette material has sets it apart from the rest of other fabrics. It can be adorned with elegance in multiple ways. In today's fashion era, you will see end number of designers using this fabric to create their masterpieces. There are so many dresses one can construct out of a georgette material. Not just this – if you plan to have a specific pattern in your dress, georgette will do that wonderfully.

Properties Of Georgette Material

  • Georgette is hypoallergenic as natural silk and uses very less chemicals in the production process. 
  • Georgette is a ventilated fabric since it is flowing and lighter. However, silk-based georgette is far airier than its synthetic counterpart.
  • It stands out from other cloths because of the weave's scrunched form, which is a result of the use of twisted threads.
  • Georgette is a wispy and translucent fabric but not less than chiffon, which is even sheerer and resembles the net material. 
  • Georgette material can be coloured and stained in a wide range of colours and designs.
  • Georgette has a beautiful flow, elasticity and bounce that is ideal for skirts and dresses because of its fluid character.


As said, there are many things one can make out of georgette fabric. The material is so versatile that it can be incorporated anywhere. Even the male fashion world is using this cloth in curating a fine designer suit. Let's have a detailed look at where this fabric can be used.

  • Saree: Georgette sarees are a popular choice for many women. Do you know why? Walking on these surfaces is quite calming because of their lightweight. And they look fantastic on any occasion. For instance, you can wear a georgette saree at a wedding, while a georgette top at the office. This fabric's falling nature makes it simple to drape it over the entire body, giving the body a beautiful shape.
  • Suits and Dresses: Due to its lack of transparency compared to chiffon, georgette makes an ideal dress fabric. A dress made of georgette has a good rhythm and fits the body well. Georgette is a multipurpose material that may be used to create a variety of dress silhouettes, such as Anarkalis, lehengas, palazzos, A-line, skirts and wrap dresses. Not just this – even a lot of western wear such as georgette shirts, tunics, tops, one-pieces, midis, gowns and maxis can also be made from this.
  • House Interiors: A very unique use of georgette is when it is used for home decor. For instance, curtains and pillow covers are specially made out of this fabric. Nowadays, you will also see many festive decorations with georgette wall hangings.



Georgette comes in a lot of variety. With evolving fashion – it is not just about stains and dyes anymore. There are many qualities in georgette.

1.    Satin georgette

This fabric has a shiner appearance and is made of satin.

2.    Double georgette

This material is comparatively thicker and translucent.

3.    Jacquard georgette

It is similar to that of a typical georgette but the fabric here is woven into a jacquard loom to create a design

4.    Stretchable georgette

Stretchable georgette is generally used for dupattas as it is airy and can be stretched in any way. It is made by blending spandex.

5.    Polyester georgette

Basic georgette mixed with polyester makes this fabric.


Well, this was about the type of georgettes, but there are many patterns that are available in this. Some may have prints, while some may have explicit thread work. Each has its style and varies from one other.

Top Picks 

As the wedding season is near, this month's top picks of georgette can be incorporated into any ethnic wear. You can make lehengas, Kurtis, palazzos, gowns and whatnot with these fabrics. All these have unique floral motifs in this them. The fabric is handcrafted with machine threadwork in the same colour thereby creating a silhouette appearance. These colours are very unique and can also be adapted to curate an indo-western outfit. It costs 1045 per meter and has a length of 45 inches.

1) Cadet Blue Georgette

2) Grey Georgette

3) Grayish Green georgette

Caring Tips 

Georgette is very thin, as we all know. Such a delicate fabric requires mild treatment to last longer. Therefore, great care is necessary to cleanse and maintain it. 

  • Always soak the fabric in a tub before you wash
  • Use mild detergents only, i.e. liquid detergent is preferable
  • Do not apply pressure while squeezing
  • Dry it on a flat surface, as hanging will spoil its elasticity and shape. 


Georgette materials can be handmade or constructed entirely of natural fibres. It comes in varied designs, from exceedingly elaborate to simple colour-block patterns – florals, threadwork and abstract are some examples. Georgette is a terrific material for a seamstress to work with, especially for unique special occasion statement designs. If you are looking for some exclusive and authentic georgettes, do visit our store – Tirumala Designers.