What makes every woman look graceful and rich in Indian culture? It is the SAREE! Sarees for women are one of the oldest clothing, but even today, they have not lost their charm. Sarees are available in many designs and patterns today – but printed ones… Oh, My My! We don't think any lady out there doesn't love printed sarees. Printed sarees are full of elegance and sophistication. And what is the best part? Every printed saree has a new story to tell. 

Printed sarees have gone through evolution for decades. For instance, remember your mom wearing printed sarees in the past. Isn't that different from the current fashion? It is because these traditional weaves have undergone modification with the population's demands today. It has a modern touch, which has undoubtedly stolen the hearts of many women. Digital prints have won many souls, and women are eager to explore every new print available in the market.

A Refined Look To Designer Sarees

Two women wearing the same saree – have you ever witnessed this scenario? It is pretty rare! Sarees are so versatile that almost every woman has a different piece. The number of prints available in sarees is infinite. You may barely see someone with twinning sarees on any occasion. The craze for printed drapes is not just common in India, but also there is a lot of female population worldwide who love adorning them. It makes them look alluring and sassy. 

The plethora of printed sarees with distinctive features sets them apart from the rest sarees. Additionally, the wide range of fabrics available in them is remarkable! Maybe, that is why you will find at least one printed saree in every woman's wardrobe.



Women of every age aspire to try something new every day. However, the heavy crape-sequenced sarees are tough to handle, so the best option is to experiment with prints. They are incredibly comfortable and soft, which makes them easy to manage. Plus, modern printing cannot be ignored! Season by season, there is a massive lot of printed sherwanis that are trending all over. Tirumala designers have got all the recent printed saree trends covered! We offer fancy voguish sarees that will make you look like a star. Our prints are indeed classy and chic!

In today's era, art has gone to another level. Our designer sarees are also a reflection of that. We aim to make our traditional sarees more exclusive and updated with contemporary art so that you can flaunt your gorgeous sarees effortlessly! To help you even better, we have brought some intriguing prints you will find in our collection of the latest sarees online.

Floral Printed Saree:

Flowers give a very fresh feel, and so does an outfit with a similar print. Floral prints are colourful that provide an enchanting look. These sarees generally have bright colours and are majorly worn in summer. The refreshing vibe of floral printed sarees will surely leave you gorgeous. The versatility of colours in floral sarees makes it easy to design blouses as well. Also, there is a lot that you can experiment with when you pick a floral saree.



Tie-Dye Printed Saree:

We are sure you might have seen many individuals donning garments in tie-dye prints. Shirts, t-shirts, track pants, and Kurtis is easily found in this print. What if we tell you that it is possible to wear a saree in this print? Imagine a black and white tie-Dye modal satin saree. Exciting, right? Tie-Dye printed saree is one of the most cherished prints that are available today. The best part of this printed saree is that every print is unique – it looks like the ink has faded. These sarees truly define the line 'there is an art in every fault'.



Bandhani Printed Saree:

 Bandhani sarees have been printed in distinctive designs inspired by the Rajasthani and Gujrati traditions. The magnificent Bandhani designs mesmerize everyone with their ability to match up with anything and everything. For instance, it goes with almost any accessory and blouse. Plus, it can be worn to both western and traditional events. Moreover, the details on Bandhani prints give an exquisite appeal, especially when they have a touch of metallic shades.



Abstract printed saree:

Have you seen a painter owning a canvas and portraying his art with colours? That is how abstract printed sarees are. They have many designs and colours in them that do not follow the monotonous design. Everything from top to bottom is varied in abstract printed sarees. Generally, these sarees are multi-coloured with one background and represent the art wholly.


What are your views on printed sarees? It is an ideal attire for both formal and informal events. As said, you can even experiment with different styles when you wear them. You can go for indo-western by just blousing a printed saree with a shirt or t-shirt or belt it up for a refined and glamorous look. The possibilities are unlimited! At Tirumala designs, we have printed sarees in varied fabrics and patterns that you can select from. We always focus on meeting current standards without any compromise on cultural heritage. So, if you are someone who would love to own a printed saree, enjoy our online saree shopping experience only on our website today.