Sarees- tell me one woman who doesn’t like wearing them. This feminist piece of clothing is versatile and so stunning that no matter who wears it – they look gorgeous and sassy! There are unlimited saree styles that are upgraded every wedding season. But this year, there is a different rage for sequin sarees altogether. All thanks to Bollywood celebs and designers! Almost all women love their invention of sparkle and shimmer. 

Shimmer sarees were worn a few decades ago, but the fashion was utterly gone. Now, it has come back with a bang. There are so many motifs and patterns in this category of sarees. Selecting among them can be pretty overwhelming and may confuse you for good. Who other than us can understand this better? The experience of selling wonderful designer sarees for years has made us a reliable clothing brand, Tirumala Designers. So, we have brought some of our best-pick sequin sarees to help you look fabulous whenever you adorn it.

1. Ombre Styled Sequin Saree

We all love the charm that a sequin saree exudes. Imagine this being doubled with ombre shades that are very much popular. Isn’t it great? The hues of pink-white, blue-white, black-white, and brown-white ombre saree in stretchable fabric from our collection are worth looking at. The melting of one colour into another seems very soothing and adds extra glam to the sequin sarees. A blouse of a solid colour to match them would be an excellent choice.



2. Dazzling Dark Sequin Saree

Ever thought of wearing a solid-shade saree? Yes, the same colour as the blouse and saree. Trust us; it looks stunning! Imagine wearing a sequin black saree with delicate silver jewellery. Isn’t that look magical? A sequin saree in darker shades has a different vibe altogether. It is an entirely fancy attire that can be worn to almost all types of parties and weddings. Check out sarees from this category on our website, which are available in green, black, red, navy, purple, maroon, and many more.


3. Metallic Shade Sequin Saree

You might be skeptical of experimenting with metallic ones in this category as sequin is already very shiny. But that is not the truth! Metallic sequin sarees are ideal for wedding receptions and look gorgeous on all women. Wearing silver, rose gold, steel grey, or gold metallic shades sarees shall grab a lot of attention. 



4. Printed Sequin Saree

Printed sarees have been worn for ages. However, now the prints are pretty modern and versatile. For instance, diagonals, abstracts, warli and geometric are a few trending prints. Diagonal printed sarees in contrasting colours, such as green and golden or white and red, must be tried on. We have some fantastic prints on our website that you will love.



5. Floral Sequin Saree

A refreshing aura of florals combined with the shimmer of the sequin makes these sequin sarees distinctive from the rest. Everyone may wear a plain saree but experimenting with a floral is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, why don’t you have a look at it? How about a floral pink sequin saree or something in a shade of turquoise or sea green? It is the perfect attire for bridesmaids that will appear you voguish. Believe us; people will not take their eyes off you.




Hope you loved these special types of sequin sarees from our collection. They are of top quality with colour and work, all intact. In short, you can rest assured buying from us! Our designer range of sequin sarees for sale is affordable and worth the money. Additionally, we can offer other shipping and discount benefits from our site. So, visit today and grab the best for yourself.