Marriage is a life-changing event and commitment of two souls. The bride is the queen on the wedding day. In fact, the entire wedding revolves around her. Especially there is a lot of talk about what the bride is going to wear. Since there are so many varieties of bridal lehengas - guests often get to see something unique all the time.

Today, bridal lehenga is more than simply a piece of apparel; it represents tradition, culture, and the bride's distinct personality. However, choosing the right bridal lehenga is also a task. The process is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. If you have been researching some trendy lehengas for yourself, you definitely know what we mean.

So, let’s go on a trip to purchase the right lehenga to make your wedding day special. Here are some essential tips on what you need to look at before selecting the perfect ensemble.

1.Selecting The Colour

Just because maroon and red have been worn for generations, it does not imply that you also have to wear the same. There is a wide range of colours for brides. As you can see, many celebs these days - all have worn pastels to their wedding, thereby setting a new trend. Choose a hue that suits your skin tone and gives you confidence and beauty. Since ochre is also trending, don’t forget to check that out.

2.Know Your Body Shape

Women look beautiful in all shapes. But it is good to embrace and highlight what you have. Therefore, understanding your body shape is essential to selecting the best bridal lehenga for you. Different styles of outfits flatter various body types. This is how you can make the best selection for yourself:

  • If you have an apple-shaped body, you prefer going with an A-line lehenga that constricts at the waist and flows outwards.
  • A pear-shaped woman can go with flared skirts to balance their body proportions.
  • Since the hourglass body type is known as perfect, people with this body type can go with any lehenga style.
  • A rectangle-shaped body generally has minimal contours. So, to highlight the features and give depth, try lehengas with elaborate embroidery and detailing.

3.Determine Your Budget

You may find a lehenga starting from the range of 5000 INR to more than lakhs. But you may not like them all. Plus, some may not even fit in your budget. Therefore, making a budget is what you need to do before hunting a designer bridal lehenga. Remember that the lehenga isn't the only thing you will have to pay for - you will also need to spend on accessories and adjustments. So, make your decision wisely.

4.Select the Best Fabric

The fabric of your wedding lehenga is important to its overall appearance and comfort. Silk, velvet, georgette, and crepe are common textiles. However, when choosing a cloth, keep the season and environment in mind. Heavier textiles like velvet are perfect for winter weddings, while lighter fabrics like georgette can be worn to summer weddings. Remember, you have to be in comfort.

5.Investigate The Most Recent Trends

Bridal lehenga trends alter with the changing of the seasons. Browse bridal periodicals, social media, and the websites of bridal businesses to learn about the newest trends. As you can see, pastel bridal lehenga choli are very much in trend. Also, look at the work that is trending so that you can also get a customized one if possible. Think about what fits your particular style and wedding theme.

6.Type Of Work

The elaborate stitching and decorations on a wedding lehenga frequently add to its charm. Imagine wearing a blue velvet lehenga with gold and pink sequin work. Or how about wearing a gold lehenga with self-colour embellishment on it? There are many types of works available in the market, such as zardozi, chikankari, and gota patti. Choose a style that reflects your ethnic heritage or personal tastes.

7.Take Note To The Choli

The blouse or choli that goes with your lehenga is just as important as the skirt. It should match or compliment the style and fabric of the lehenga. Additionally, it should neither be too heavy nor light. Select the sleeve size that feels appropriate to you. Experiment with different necklines and back patterns to make your ensemble stand out.

8.Don't Forget the Dupatta

Another important component of a bridal lehenga is the dupatta. Take into account the length, embroidery, and how you intend to drape it. Some brides like a light and basic dupatta, while others prefer one with a lot of embellishment. If you like tassels, look for that too. Nowadays, customized dupattas with names are also in trend.

9.Choose Comfort

Sometimes you may love a lehenga, but wearing it might not seem comfortable. We recommend you not to choose that because your wedding day will be lengthy and hectic. Comfort should not be overlooked in favour of style. If you intend to dance the night away, make sure your bridal lehenga enables you to move freely.

10.Buy From Trusted Sources

Don’t fall under the gimmick of any designer who promises to provide you all in a budget. Only buy your wedding dress from trusted and reputable brands that are known for their quality. Tirumala Designers is a well-known name in this industry. Check out their website, and you will get a plethora of bridal lehenga online.

Choosing the right bridal lehenga is an exciting part of wedding planning. You may discover the lehenga that makes you feel like a genuine bride on your big day by taking into account the tips mentioned above. Remember, it is not just about the clothes; it is about the memories and feelings they evoke. Happy shopping for lehengas, and may your wedding day be as lovely as your attire!