Jumpsuits for women have experienced an extraordinary change lately! They have transcended their practical roots to become a fashion sensation. It has completely transformed from a complete Western outfit to an Indian attire. This trend has been infusing the rich and colourful tapestry of Indian fabrics and patterns into the global fashion scene in recent years. And this is where the rise of elegant jumpsuits has taken over the internet.  No doubt, it is a great ensemble to complement any wardrobe.

Indian jumpsuits combine the ease and convenience of a one-piece piece of clothing with the timeless appeal of India's unique culture and traditions. These jumpsuits are covered with a stunning mix of traditional prints and have an indo-western touch. In fact, you may also find various work styles and patterns in it. These suits act as a canvas for self-expression.

Indian jumpsuits are infinitely versatile, allowing various styles, circumstances, and personalities. So, whether you are looking for relaxed daywear, seaside elegance, or a spectacular evening dress, an Indian jumpsuit will fit the bill. All you have to do is deck up as per the occasion.

To help you the best, here’s a guide to help you navigate how to style a jumpsuit effortlessly. So be ready for a stylish trip that seamlessly blends heritage and contemporary.

1. Play With Prints

Before we get into what type of prints to experiment with, you must check what kind of occasion you will wear the jumpsuit. Traditional designs such as paisley, block prints, and floral themes can be worn at Indian functions. These designs are a terrific way to include Indian culture into your wardrobe. On the other hand, you can also try geometric, stripes, and tie-dye prints if wearing a jumpsuit for parties or casual meetups. However, keep the accessories to a minimum to make these jumpsuits stand out. A striking belt or pair of jhumka earrings may suffice to finish the appearance.

2. Combine And Contrast

Experiment with different parts of your Indian jumpsuit combination by mixing and combining them. For example, If you have a black jumpsuit, you may layer it with a contrasting patterned shrug or jacket in earthy tones for a formal look. Similarly, you can add a sequined shrug or one with a vibrant hue if you want to wear it for a party This results in a vivid, aesthetically attractive ensemble that oozes confidence and style. The same contrasting idea can be applied to shawls, scarves, and even jackets. 

3. Use Your Accessories Wisely

Accessories are pretty crucial in boosting the overall appearance of your jumpsuit. Consider accessorizing an Indian jumpsuit with traditional Indian jewelry, such as Kundan necklaces, bangles, or anklets, depending on the design of your jumpsuit. And if you are wearing an indo-western version - nothing beats better than oxidized jewelry. Remember, don't overdo it; stick to one or two standout pieces to prevent overpowering your look. 

4. Footwear Is Important

Well, shoes are barely visible in a jumpsuit as the bottoms are wide and flared - but that does not mean they can be ignored. The appropriate shoes may make or destroy your jumpsuit outfit. Flats or Kolhapuri chappals are ideal for casual or boho jumpsuits. Conversely, heeled sandals or pumps are appropriate for more formal situations. Keep experimenting with several styles to see what looks best with your jumpsuit. 

5. Experiment With Silhouettes

Indian jumpsuits come in various styles, ranging from wide-leg palazzo jumpsuits to fitted and tailored jumpsuits. Choose a silhouette that flatters you based on your body type and personal style. For instance, big prints are a big no for plus-size individuals. If you are small, a tailored jumpsuit will extend your body, but taller people can easily pull off wider-leg alternatives. 

6. Clinch A Waisbelt

Do you wish to highlight your contours while wearing a jumpsuit? Adding a belt to your jumpsuit will completely modify your appearance. A tight waist enhances your figure while also adding a sense of elegance. Use a statement belt for a more glamorous look or a primary leather belt for a more relaxed look. 

7. Select the Proper Fabric

Cotton, silk, chiffon, and georgette are some textiles used in jumpsuits. The fabric you choose may significantly influence how you appear and feel. Cotton jumpsuits are perfect for a comfortable daytime look, while silk or chiffon jumpsuits are ideal for nighttime gatherings. One trending fabric in jumpsuits nowadays is denim. Denim jumpsuits are a perfect to-go outfit for women of all ages. Additionally, there are unlimited styling options with them.

8. Makeup And Hair

Your hair and makeup should match your jumpsuit. Choose loose waves or a messy bun with little makeup for a relaxed midday appearance. Also, you can consider an updo or sleek, straight hair with smoky makeup that fits the colour palette of your jumpsuit for a more formal affair. Again, the makeup and hairdo have more to do with the occasion you attend. 

Confidence Is The Key!!!

The most crucial item you can wear, regardless of how nicely you designed your jumpsuit, is confidence. Walk tall, smile, and carry yourself gracefully. Confidence is the ultimate fashion statement that can elevate any look. 

Indian jumpsuits are a versatile and elegant alternative for a variety of events. You may don your jumpsuit with confidence and perfectly style them. Just pick the best from Tirumala’s collection, and it will highlight your beauty while expressing your individuality and taste. So, go ahead and explore the world of jumpsuits for women and show off your fashion sense.